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Variety Medics 

Healther word to live.

About Us

Variety Medics Ltd's clinic located in the Herzelia with the beatiful sea view. Our highly competent personnel and the top consultants are providing indivigualized treatment.

Our research department specialising on the custom remedies developed for the individual patients.

Variety Medics Ltd, Israel's premium class private clinic, which is providing the highest quality medical care by the country leading experts. We deliver complicated solution in the shortestamount of time. 

As part of the clinic personalized services, each patient is assigned to the case manager to handle all administrative, logistic and medical matters.

This is just some of reasons why Variety Medics Ltd is the preferred choice for the diplomats and emploees from 64 embassies, consultes and UN agencies, as well as private patients from over 60 countries.

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